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Free Romance Reminders
Each week offers a new suggestion of something you and your partner can do to or for each other to create more romance.

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Free Gifts for You
1. The Relationship Game
2. The Sexuality Game
3. The Friendship Game
4. The Parent/Child Game

Each is designed to help you, and the people you care about, become closer.
Romantic Love Coupons
Get inspired with new ways to create love, romance, and magic.

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Girl Talk
Tell other women how Feminine Grace and the Twelve Simple Secrets are changing your life, share your concerns, ask for advice, and answer the weekly question.

Message Board
Pathway to Passion through Love, Sex and Romance
Enjoy the sexy back-issues of the newsletter that Kara published before beginning her book. Pathway to Passion offers advice, information, and ideas to keep that sparkle in your relationship. (wink, wink)

Enjoy a Good Laugh
More jokes than you'll have time to read.

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Adoring You
A site for the Romantic at Heart, with Free Greeting Cards, Love Coupons, Horoscopes, Love Tests, Romantic Quotes, Love Poems, and Love Stories.

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Be Mine
Send Free Romantic Greeting Cards from "Be Mine" and "The Secet Place," to plan your wedding or find the perfect Romantic Getaway.

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The RoMANtic's Guide
The most romantic man in the world teaches men how to be more romantic.

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Romance Reminders
Send yourself or your special someone a weekly Romance Reminder! Kara updates this page each week on Sunday, so be sure to return to get your weekly Romance Reminder.

Here's your Romance Reminder for this week. Take turns doing something romantic for or to each other. Try to make it a surprise if you can. The activities are designed to cost little or nothing at all. The goal of each reminder is to create love and romance so don't be surprised if some of them lead to lovemaking. Most importantly, be spontaneous and have fun.

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Not Just Another Relationship Book
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See what others have to say about Men Made Easy. Hear how it's improving their lives and their relationships.

"Where was this book 20 years ago?!!! If my wife and I had read this book a few years ago, the 'journey' would have been a lot more fun. Now we're learning how to make up for lost time."
Harry Anhard (El Paso) ( July 29, 1999


Radio Interview Schedule
Kara does several radio interviews each week, all around the country.

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Kara's Book Tour
Kara is on tour with her book several times a year.

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Helpful Articles
Read articles written by Kara and others whom she admires.

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Books to Help You Grow
You'll find titles that are from Kara's library, many of which she used in her research for Men Made Easy.

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