Men Made Easy To Control Your Man

So Much So That He Will Want To
Cherish and Adore You, and Give You The Moon

Do you know what’s really getting in the way of you having the love you desire?

Do you know that incorrect communication patterns are the primary reason your relationship is not as you’d hoped it would be, or worse, why it’s falling apart?

Most women don’t know about the ‘triggers’ that can get a man to willingly do their bidding. They don’t realize that if they’d known these triggers, they could have been enjoying the kind of relationship that other women are jealous of.

What If You Could Learn the Real Truth About Men?

For most everyone, love fails miserably because they’ve been using methods of creating and developing a relationship that do the exact opposite of what they’d intended. What if there were a few simple Secrets that would give you the power to literally ‘control your man?’

Do you know what it takes to create an amazing relationship; to get a man to fall crazy-in-love with you; to get him to love you as much as you love him?

It’s not what you think.

Do You Have To Be Beautiful To Win a Man’s Love?

Society says you need to look a certain way to be able to capture a man’s heart. Look at all the advice in the magazines. All designed to make you feel insecure. Do you know what I think about their lame advice?

Hog wash, all of it!

Trust me, I know because I’ve talked to hundreds of men about this very thing. All that advice is wrong, wrong, wrong.

 When My Life Fell Apart…Or So I Thought

No matter how many of their “tricks” I tried, I still failed; failed so bad that my life felt like it was falling apart:

You see, I was married for 29 years. I thought I had a great marriage. Then, he decided we should have an open marriage.

Can you imagine?

I didn’t want to lose my marriage that I valued so much, but there was just no way I could be okay with what he was asking.

It was painful and the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I filed for divorce. Talk about feeling like a failure and a total ignoramus about men.

After that, I dated a variety of men, but always felt clueless, never quite knowing why I was having such a difficult time finding a good man to share my life with.

Today, I’m grateful that I went through those painful experiencse because they caused me to search for answers, helped me discover my 12 Secrets about men, inspired me to share them with you and frustrated women around the world, and brought an amazing and wonderful man into my life.

Why You Can Trust That I Know What I’m Talking About

KaraNoBorderHi, I’m Kara Oh, welcome to a world of new possibilities. We all want to be loved, cherished and adored. That was my goal and I wasn’t giving up until I achieved it.

I love sharing what I’ve learned about men because it’s working for me and I want you to have the same thing.

After those awful experiences that I just described, I could have easily given up. But I was determined to have a great relationship.

I’m a student of human nature and had been teaching personal development workshops for years. I knew I could figure this thing out.

So here’s what I did. Instead of licking my wounds, I went into action. My educational background is Cultural Anthropology with a lot of training in psychology. I’m fascinated by what makes us tick, so I decided I’d dig up the truth about men.

I spent two entire years studying men. Yep, that’s exactly what I did. I interviewed hundreds of men, read every book about men, even subscribed to men’s magazines.

I wanted to get inside their heads so I could figure out EXACTLY what makes them tick. I learned some very interesting things that I’m now going to pass on to you.

How I Came To Understand Men So Well

I was married for 29 years. I thought I had a great marriage. Then, he decided we should have an open marriage.

Can you imagine?

I didn’t want to lose my marriage that I valued so much, but there was just no way I could be okay with what he was asking.

It was painful and the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I filed for divorce. Talk about feeling like a failure and a total ignoramus about men.

After that, I dated a variety of men, but always felt clueless, never quite knowing why I was having such a difficult time finding a good man to share my life with.

Today, I’m grateful that I went through those painful experiences because they caused me to search for answers, helped me discover the Secrets about men, inspired me to share them with you and frustrated women around the world, and brought an amazing and wonderful man into my life.

Can These Secrets About Men Really Help You Have the Love You Want?

I’ve been sharing my Secrets about men for several years and I’m proud to say that I hear from women every day who thank me for improving their lives.

But I can also tell you, from my own personal experience, that it is more than possible.

That’s because I’m living proof that my Secrets do work.

I have a man who makes me feel so cherished, so loved, that he melts my heart every day. He tells me all the time how grateful he is that he found me, how he wishes he’d met me much sooner, and how he is looking forward to our life together.

Stephen knows the Secrets about men that I will be revealing to you, and he wishes every man had a woman who knew how to use them.

So, yes, my Secrets do work. And as you begin to use them on your man, you will have so much fun watching him respond to you in brand new, unexpected ways.

Do you think it would be helpful to know:

  • What he finds most attractive in a woman?
  • What you can do to bring him closer to you?
  • What you’re doing to push him away?
  • What causes them to shut down to you?
  • What will make him truly grateful that he has you in his life?
  • What makes them open up so their heart simply melts?

So Here’s a Question For You:

What if there was a way for your love life to start making you happy instead of being the source of so much frustration and hurt?

I’m living proof that it’s possible to create a deeply fulfilling relationship, with a man who’s thankful every day that he has me in his life and I want to share with you how to have the same thing… and how great it feels.

I want you to have that as well.

The Single Most Important Skill You’ll Need

couple7If you’ve ever wondered what the single most important skill is for creating a deeply loving, passionate relationship, I would tell you, without a doubt – it’s the ability to use the power you already have, as a woman, over any man you want to influence.

That’s because the single most important ingredient of any successful relationship is… the power that is hidden within you right now. I call it Feminine Grace and I’ll teach you how to use it.

Once you do, you’ll be able to control him in all the ways you’ve wanted…and he’ll be thrilled.

In the next 5 minutes, I’ll show you how you can easily become a woman who can get him to respond to you in all the ways you want.

With the strategies that you’re going to learn, in less time than you might think possible, you’ll discover what it feels like to have him look at you, his eyes glowing with love and pride because you are his special woman.

He will enjoy doing things for you and making you happy.

And he will cherish you as he would a rare treasure, because that is what you will be to him.

Read Gretchen’s sweet story:

gretchenDear Kara,

I’ve been reading your articles and your book, “Men Made Easy” and practicing what you teach. I know that they, and your supportive, confident attitude, really helped to open my heart and remember to be myself.

My husband is thrilled with the true me and that’s what really matters. I have sent many women to your site in the hopes that they could find themselves and what they’re seeking in life. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned and validating what I knew to be true.

Here’s a wedding picture so you can see my handsome prince! This was taken on the bench where he proposed, so he recreated it by getting back on both knees! It’s one of my favorite pictures.

God bless you,
Gretchen Sharpe

What Few Women Will Ever Know

coupleBMost women will never know how to get the responses they want from their man.

You’ll love how amazingly effective these Secrets are when you know how to use them.

When men are told about these Secrets they admit that they will work and that what you will be learning is exactly what causes a man to be to fall in love, and more important, to STAY in love.

Armed with this new way of being that FEELS SO GOOD, you will be able to take charge of your destiny and create a love life that makes your heart sing.

You Really Can Control a Man So You Get the Love You Want

INTRODUCING: “The Complete Men Made Easy Guide To Greater Love”

You’ll receive the best relationship information possible… all gleaned from my many years of studying inter-personal relationships.

This is a quick, easy read, with information that can be put to use right away. You’ll discover that men are predictable in a variety of ways, and that you hold the key to getting what you want.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

    • Why many of the things you do to get his attention are actually exactly what causes him to lose interest in you – that following the wrong advice causes you to end up being alone and wondering what happened.
    • Why talking to your girlfriends about your relationship problems is the worst way to fix your problems because most of them have only their own personal experiences or the same wrong advice you’ve been reading, to guide them – thus reinforcing ineffective behavior and thinking.
    • How you have all the power over him, that he likes it that way, and how you’ve missed out on an amazing opportunity for love.
    • How simple it is to give him what he wants, which, you will learn, will give you exactly what you want – and how great it will make you feel.
    • Why knowing when and how to ask the right question will cause him to share what’s buried deep in his heart, so that you get the intimacy you want and he discovers you are the source of something he’s never allowed himself to feel before.
    • How good it will feel to know that he’s in love with you because of the woman you have become, a woman who understands her power as a woman and how to use it so he and you both get what you’ve wanted all along.

Your Complete “Men Made Easy Guide To Greater Love” Includes the Following:

  • Men Made Easy
  • Men Made Easy Quick Reverence
  • Workbook to help you get more out of this program.
  • Complete Audio Recording – Listen on the go and take in the information not only by reading it, but hearing it as well.
  • 20-minute Coaching Session to help you with whatever issues or questions you have. This will also give us an opportunity to know one another so you can get the most out of the next item.

You’ll Finally Know How To Capture a Man’s Heart

You really can capture a man’s heart, cause him to start thinking about you night and day and make you his queen… forever.

I invite you to discover the secrets thousands of women around the world have used to create happier, healthier, more loving relationships.

I want as many women – and the men they love – to benefit from my years of research and experience. So…

How much sweeter would your life be if your husband started “courting” you again, wanting to be your hero, to cherish and adore you, and fall madly in love with you, his queen, like when you two first met? How would you like to have intimate evenings where he pours his heart out to you, thrilled that you have grown so close? What would it be worth to catch him looking at you with love and tenderness in his eyes, awed that you are once again his sweetheart, the woman with whom he is madly in love?

What is the value of becoming an expert at understanding men, becoming his irreplaceable treasure, of communicating your needs so well that he actually looks for ways to make you happy, of feeling completely secure that he will never, ever want to risk losing you?

Finally knowing how to create a relationship that is deeply loving, filled with heart connecting intimacy, and the joy of knowing that you have something that most women only dream of having is what matters to me. That’s why I developed this program. I want you to have access to what I have learned.

In this complete home study program, you’ll learn the oh-so-simple ways to make him feel like a man, which is exactly what will cause him to start seeing you as the woman he fell in love with however long ago. He just wants to be your hero, now you’ll know how to give that to him, and in return, he’ll want to give you the world.

My Iron-Clad, No-Risk” 100% Guarantee For A Full 60 Days

I am so confident that you’ll love the “Men Made Easy Home Study Guide” that I will take the risk out of it for you. If you have any doubts whatsoever, let me remove them:

If you don’t like it – for any reason – I’ll give you your money back.
No questions asked. Because I know you’ll love it.

I want you to be happy so let me repeat my rock-solid pledge:

60DayGuaranteeIf you try the secrets on a few men and aren’t happy with the results, simply let me know and you’ll then receive a full, 100% refund.

I invite you to discover the secrets thousands of women around the world have used to create happier, healthier, more loving relationships.


 For only $37 you can instantly download this valuable information…

  • Click the link above and you’ll be taken to our order page.
  • Fill in your order information.
  • You will instantly be taken to the download page.
  • Click on each download link and everything will be on your desktop in moments.
  • You can then begin reading (or listening) in minutes.
  • Be open to what I have to share and trust that you really can transform your love life.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you in the support group and hearing your success story.


P.S. Remember, after you make your purchase you have 60 days to put these Secrets to the test. Be prepared, though. Most women report that men start responding positively to these Secrets within minutes of finishing chapter two.

P.P.S. With my 12 Secrets About Men you’ll be able to go out there and have fun being like no other woman he’s ever experienced before. These Secrets worked for me and I know they’ll work for you.

P.P.P.S. You absolutely need this information about men if you expect your relationship to be better than what it’s been in the past. Follow my advice and you’ll reap the rewards. I guarantee it.

Read what other women are saying:

Dear Kara, After I ordered your book online and read it over the course of a few days, I felt myself change inside. Your Secrets were words of revelation to me. I am 59 years old and never has anyone told me these things before! Let me explain:

I began to apply your principles to my failing marriage and have experienced immediate results. My husband is all the best of how you describe men. It makes me love him all over again and he’s loving me back – this, after I had given up hope.

Jo Ann Galneder

Kara uses a fun parable to effortlessly explain what could otherwise become a complex subject. Even better? This stuff work. Within minutes of reading the first secret, I literally had the two men in my life (my son and husband) scrambling over each other wanting to fulfill my wishes. Once you get reading, I defy anyone to try to put it down.

Beth Ann Erickson

Everything with your books is making our relationship 10x better than it was before. He’s more attentive, talkative, funny – he calls more often. He’s doing things like when we first fell in love. It’s awesome.

Thank you,
Melissa Barry

I found Kara’s book when I was looking for any possible answer and consolation for the predicament I was facing: dealing with a painful breakup. I like her compassionate style that encourages women to really try to be in our men’s shoes; to see things from their vantage point. She turns me to her fabulous facebook’s “commiserating room” to talk some more on the subject with many other wonderful ladies on the same boat. She is really an inspiration to me and many others.

Katarina Phang

Kara, I read your book “Men Made Easy”, and I must say: IT IS BRILLIANT! In it are things we all know in some way, as you mention in the book, but the way you bring these ideas together and express them is just absolutely fabulous. I am currently in a wonderful relationship, and the book has helped me put things into perspective when my previous reaction would have been to get upset or sad. It is wonderful! I am lending the book to girlfriends of mine, and I can’t wait until they finish reading it to see their reactions! Keep up the good work!

Debbie Foulsom

I would like to tell you from the day I read your book, I have adopted much of your wisdom into my everyday life. I’m using my new attitude of Feminine Grace in this new relationship and in all other aspects of my life, and I have to say I am much happier and less angst! This new, upbeat attitude is helping even with difficult situations.

Angela Weaver

Dear Kara, I met a wonderful man through eHarmony and have been dating him now for about a month and half. We talk every day on Skype and I have found your materials to be extremely helpful. I am much more cognizant of being/acting feminine and it is really going well. We have so much in common.

He is absolutely amazing and is treating me to a holiday in Maui in April. If I hadn’t read your books I surely would have messed it up and refused to let him pay and organize it all. He is so thoughtful and generous – he is having a ball organizing lots of romantic stuff for us to do and I am graciously accepting his love and adoration. Before meeting you, I would have insisted on paying for stuff and I would have robbed him of his opportunity to really romance me and be in charge.

I FINALLY GET IT! I am letting him be the man and it is great. He is not at all intimidated by what I do but I make it crystal clear how much I look up to and admire him. Knowing what I have read, I now look at ALL of our interactions quite differently. It is amazing what a difference this knowledge makes. Sometimes I still make mistakes – but I catch myself and have the knowledge to go back and fix what I have done/said.

He has introduced me to his family and friends and he just cannot do enough for me. It is amazing. I will keep you posted. Thanks for all your help – your material is amazing and I have recommended you to several people already.

Thank you, thank you,
Patricia O’Connell

Hi Kara, I wanted to let you know how much you helped and how life-changing this weekend was because of reading your book, figuring out who I am and what I want my life to be, and then just implementing those ideas into my life. It was THE BEST!! Thank you so much!

Renee R.

Dear Kara, Thanks for your help and support. I swear, buying your book has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. It’s helped a lot, as has being connected to you and the support group. You’re a good person, Kara. Thank you.

Amy Farnsworth

I am currently with a man that I have been dating for over 4 years. My challenge before this book was communication!!! I felt he was not hearing me and we had endless disagreements that literally took us in this never ending circle with no beginning, no end, and no resolution.

I have been using Feminine Grace all this week. WOW! WOW! He asked me last night what is going on with me? He said you seem “soft” and easygoing….this is awesome. I will slowly engage all the new things I am learning as I absorb and fully understand them.

With much appreciation,
Jeannette Draper

Thank you, Kara. I receive your newsletters and just love them! As a result of your wonderful insights in your books, I’ve met my prince, he treats me like a princess, and we’re both very happy. I’ve been planning our wedding for next summer!

So much more than thanks,
Debbie Kendrick

Dear Kara, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful book that you wrote. It was certainly money well spent. I read your book in 2 days, I could not put it down. Thanks to the new techniques that I have learned, the change in my marriage has been amazing. Again, I cannot thank you enough.

Kerri Valentine

Dear, dear Kara, First of all I would like to thank you a million times over for writing “Men Made Easy”, it’s fantastic. I purchased the book a year ago and have been using the secrets. Yesterday my boyfriend gave me the most awesome compliment that no other man has given me before. He sent me a Yahoo Greeting card with a mushy verse and underneath he wrote his own verse which said “Thanks for you being you”. I cried when I read this. I can’t thank you enough.

Tina Waye

Dear Kara, I discovered your book just 2 days after the man I was dating called it off after 3 1/2 months. We still had to see each other one last time to return some things. So I armed myself with all my new knowledge and went in. (Little did he know what I knew. LOL) I did not once say take me back, instead I wished him love and plenty of it and told him he deserved a woman that loved him for the strong intelligent man that I knew he was – her hero. Late that night I got a phone call and he said he had made a mistake. Later, when I asked him what changed his mind, he said, “You did not come in mad, you told me you were disappointed but respected my opinion. Instead, you were happy and brought a light into the room like no one ever had.” Kara, we have been back together for 2 weeks and, when I thought things were good before, it’s even better now. He’s brought up marriage and living together but we’re not there yet. I still have a lot of play(work) to do to get the relationship to the level of awesome, but we are on the way. Thank you for all your wonderful work.

Barbara Ann, Kentucky

Dear Kara, I purchased your book about a week ago. All I can say is WOW!!! Your book has shown me that I really can get a man’s attention, so much so that he is interested enough to really get to know me!! The other night a gentlemen approached me and he was totally smitten. After we spoke later that week he told me that he was head over heels. He said what caught his attention was the way I carried myself. My Feminine Grace that you talk about!!! I never realize I had it, but I do. Thank you so much for putting this in book form, so that we can study it, practice it, remember it and really live it. Much appreciation to you!!

Colleen, New York

Hi Kara,
I have just read your book Men Made Easy and i wanted to say thanks!! Thanks for making everything so easy to read and understand…. i have read a lot of self help books regarding relationships over the past few months (including numerous Dr John Gray books) and i have to say yours was far easier to read and understand than any other…. i suppose that its obvious it was written BY a woman FOR women!!

Thank you,

Hi Kara, I enjoyed reading your book so much and found it rich with great information. I am currently involved with someone so I find it very helpful. In previous relationships, I would go off the deep end with something said or done and now I think it through before I say something. It’s very empowering. Your book has helped me to sort out many of my thoughts and self doubts about myself. Thank you so much. It is great reading and also fun.

Dee Dee Clark

Hi Kara, My friend recently gave me a copy of your e-book for my birthday. I couldn’t put it down. I loved how my husband began to respond to me in such loving ways, but even more was how being a woman became a brand new, exciting adventure. How can I thank you? You’re a genius.

Linda Sue Bentley, Lexington, Kentucky

Hey Kara, It just dawned on me how much my guy has improved since I read and started applying your techniques. He is less moody, doesn’t go into those “I need my space” funks. He professes his love for me and has even said the things I’ve longed to hear. I’m still on cloud nine!

Cynthia E.

About Kara Oh

Kara is a best-selling author and co-author of 101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life with fellow authors, John Gray, Jack Canfield, Richard Carlson, Bob Proctor and Alan Cohan.

She’s a Dating and Relationship Coach, Seminar Leader, Inspirational Speaker, radio and TV personality, mother of two fantastic grown children, and grandmother of a magical 64 year old grandson. She is sharing her life with a wonderful man who cherishes her and together, they’re having the time of their lives.

Kara has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and TV shows across the country in cities like New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Philadelphia, and given seminars in bookstores in every major (and a few not so major) city. She has been featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Women’s World. She is an enlightening and entertaining public speaker and has traveled to all the major US cities sharing her insights about what makes men tick and how to create amazing relationships.

“The purpose of intimate partnership is for us to midwife the perfection in
each other. The point of love is to reveal to us the light inside.”
– From “Illuminata” by Marianne Williamson




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